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Featured Committee of the Month for June 2017

Nightwatch Committee

The Nightwatch Committee is this month’s featured committee. Please take a moment to read some information that the committee would like for you to know about:

  1. What Nightwatch’s purpose
  2. How it helps the alcoholic who still suffers.
  3. How you can grow spiritually by being involved.
  4. What you can do to get involved.
  5. How the group can get involved.
  1. Purpose Of Committee:

To make sure that when a sick and suffering alcoholic calls AA after hours, there is a sober AA member to speak to them. The committee coordinates groups, on a monthly basis, to answer the phones when the Central Office is closed. We have developed a 12th Step call education program as a guide for individuals taking 12th Step calls after hours.

  1. How It Helps The Alcoholic Who Still Suffers:

The Nightwatch Committee enables the problem drinker who calls AA after hours to speak with sober members of A.A., instead of an answering service or having to leave a message. The “screener” then contacts another sober alcoholic who is on the 12th step call list to share their experience, strength, and hope with the caller. This helps to ensure that when someone reaches out for help, the hand of AA is there.

  1. How You Can Grow Spiritually By Getting Involved:

Being involved with the Nightwatch Committee gives individuals the opportunity of being on the front line of fighting the disease of alcoholism and carrying the message of the AA solution. In our experience, nothing grows our spirituality more than helping others.

  1. How YOU Can Get Involved:

There are a few of ways to get involved with The Nightwatch Committee:

    1. Come to the AA Central Office on the 4th Tuesday of the Month at 7:30 pm. Please sit-in and see if the committee is right for you.
    2. Put your name and phone number on the 12th step call list! This list is kept at the AA Central Office. Your information can be added simply by calling, or stopping by to fill out a “12th Step List Sign-up Form.”
  1. How the GROUP Can Get Involved:
    1. Have your home group sign-up to take the after hour calls for a month! The committee can gladly bring a presentation to your group by contacting the A.A Central Office listed below!!
    2. Have your home group elect a Nightwatch Committee Rep. This service position can require just attending the one-hour, one-day-a-month meeting and reporting both room and to your group.

For Questions, please contact the Rochester Area Intergroup’s Central Office at:
(585) 232-6720; Fax (585) 454-3949; 1000 Elmwood Ave. Greenhouse, Rochester, NY14620
Email: raacog@frontiernet.net or on our website at: www.rochester-ny-aa.org (for downloadable form)

Thank You!

Above sketches reprinted from “The Twelve Traditions Illustrated” pamphlet, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.