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Featured Committee of the Month October 2017


Flower City Fellowship Convention (FCFC) Committee

This month’s featured committee is the Flower City Fellowship Convention (FCFC) Committee. Please take a moment to listen to some information that the committee would like for you to know about what their purpose is, what you can do to get involved, how it helps the alcoholic who still suffers and how you can grow spiritually by getting involved.

Purpose of Committee:

The purpose of the FCFC/Convention Committee is to plan, organize and host the annual Rochester Area Intergroup Convention.

The 37th Annual FLOWER CITY FELLOWSHIP CONVENTION, “Surrender To Win”, will be March 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, 2018 at the Radisson Hotel, 120 Main Street, Rochester, NY  14604.
Please see our website: www.rochester-ny-aa.org for more details.

How it helps the alcoholic who still suffers:

With all of the different panels and out of town speakers throughout the weekend, there is usually at least one message for everyone.

It’s the spirit and feeling behind it. As one member puts it, the best A.A. convention is “just a darned good A.A. meeting blown up big.” Just watch enthusiastic members at any A.A. convention and you’ll get what he/she means. The atmosphere alone is worth the trip. Here you’ll find fellowship, laughter, warmth, and understanding—”heaped up, pressed down, and running over.”

How you grow spiritually by getting involved:

Service work helps people. There are many different positions which are needed to help with the convention; including just helping for an hour or two throughout the weekend. We start planning in July and continue through the first weekend in March, which is the weekend of the convention. Some committees still are doing the service work throughout the weekend of the convention. It is the feeling and being a part of AA and watching how the convention forms throughout the months.

How can you can get involved (Monthly committee Meeting):

OUR OCTOBER MEETING WILL BE ON WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25TH at 7:00 pm in the AA Central Office Committee Room

We meet at 7:00 pm, every 4th Wednesday of the month (unless otherwise noted), in the AA Central Office Committee Room, 1000 Elmwood Ave. (Greenhouse), Rochester, NY  14620.

The Convention committee is always looking for people to volunteer and to help out. Whether you would like to be part of a play, greet, be an usher or any other committee, please come down and join us at one of our monthly meetings and see what we are all about.

Contact information:

Please call or email the AA Central Office.
Telephone:     585-232-6720              Email:  raacog@frontiernet.net
Leave a message for the FCFC/Convention Committee

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