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Featured Committee of the Month November 2017

Personnel Committee

This month’s featured committee is Personnel.  This is a unique committee at the Rochester Area Intergroup that is often unknown to local members of AA.

Purpose of Committee:

The Personnel Committee has the operating responsibility, authority and accountability for administrating personnel policy in accordance with the policies described in the Rochester Area Intergroup Bylaws and the Intergroup Personnel Policies and Procedures.  In short, the committee is responsible for overseeing the paid staff of the AA Central Office.

How it helps the alcoholic who still suffers:

The Central Office acts as a clearing house for AA information for local groups, institutions, other concerned organizations and interested individuals.  The paid office staff is responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of the Central Office and the many different ways that the office helps make 12 Step work possible on a daily basis.  The committee ensures that the office staff are meeting their responsibilities and growing in their roles as paid workers for AA.

How you can grow spiritually by getting involved:

It is suggested that members of the Personnel Committee have experience managing employees.  Growth from being a part of the committee comes from learning to implement the spiritual principles contained in our Steps, Traditions and Concepts into the managing of people.

How you can get involved (time of committee, jobs to do at the committee):

This committee has one person that is appointed by the Chair of the Intergroup.  The Vice-Chair of the Intergroup serves as a liaison between the Board of Trustees and the Personnel Committee and the previous Board Chair (last to rotate out of that position) is also a member. There are 2 elected members.  It is suggested, due to the nature of the committee, that the elected and appointed members have business and management experience.

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