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Featured Committee of the Month for June 2017

Nightwatch Committee

The Nightwatch Committee is this month’s featured committee. Please take a moment to read some information that the committee would like for you to know about:

  1. What Nightwatch’s purpose
  2. How it helps the alcoholic who still suffers.
  3. How you can grow spiritually by being involved.
  4. What you can do to get involved.
  5. How the group can get involved.
  1. Purpose Of Committee:

To make sure that when a sick and suffering alcoholic calls AA after hours, there is a sober AA member to speak to them. The committee coordinates groups, on a monthly basis, to answer the phones when the Central Office is closed. We have developed a 12th Step call education program as a guide for individuals taking 12th Step calls after hours.

  1. How It Helps The Alcoholic Who Still Suffers:

The Nightwatch Committee enables the problem drinker who calls AA after hours to speak with sober members of A.A., instead of an answering service or having to leave a message. The “screener” then contacts another sober alcoholic who is on the 12th step call list to share their experience, strength, and hope with the caller. This helps to ensure that when someone reaches out for help, the hand of AA is there.

  1. How You Can Grow Spiritually By Getting Involved:

Being involved with the Nightwatch Committee gives individuals the opportunity of being on the front line of fighting the disease of alcoholism and carrying the message of the AA solution. In our experience, nothing grows our spirituality more than helping others.

  1. How YOU Can Get Involved:

There are a few of ways to get involved with The Nightwatch Committee:

    1. Come to the AA Central Office on the 4th Tuesday of the Month at 7:30 pm. Please sit-in and see if the committee is right for you.
    2. Put your name and phone number on the 12th step call list! This list is kept at the AA Central Office. Your information can be added simply by calling, or stopping by to fill out a “12th Step List Sign-up Form.”
  1. How the GROUP Can Get Involved:
    1. Have your home group sign-up to take the after hour calls for a month! The committee can gladly bring a presentation to your group by contacting the A.A Central Office listed below!!
    2. Have your home group elect a Nightwatch Committee Rep. This service position can require just attending the one-hour, one-day-a-month meeting and reporting both room and to your group.

For Questions, please contact the Rochester Area Intergroup’s Central Office at:
(585) 232-6720; Fax (585) 454-3949; 1000 Elmwood Ave. Greenhouse, Rochester, NY14620
Email: raacog@frontiernet.net or on our website at: www.rochester-ny-aa.org (for downloadable form)

Thank You!

Above sketches reprinted from “The Twelve Traditions Illustrated” pamphlet, with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.

Featured Committee of the Month for May 2017

Education & Participation Committee

The purpose of the E&P Committee is to foster and encourage Group participation in the Rochester Area Intergroup and to provide training to facilitate such participation

Come and see what we do in person!

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm
in the Central Office Committee Room

Currently the E&P Committee provides workshops on a number of different topics such as:

  • Step 4, inventory process
  • Steps 6 & 7, character defects
  • Amends
  • Steps 10 & 11, prayer meditation inventory
  • Sponsorship
    **During our workshops we invite a standing committee to share their experience with intergroup service to make 12th step work possible

The E&P Committee also:

  • Reaches out to groups without Intergroup Representatives and provides information on how to get involved, and the Board of Trustees helps us with this effort.
  • We can visit your group to talk about how to have an Informed Group Conscience as well as how to have a Group Inventory.
  • We can provide Secretary and Treasurer Training to new groups or groups with new members, etc.
  • Any questions your group may have about Rochester Service Committees and Our Service Structure, reach out to us! We can help.

The E&P Committee is also responsible for welcoming new Intergroup Representatives and providing monthly orientation (2nd Thursday at 6pm) on topics surrounding the purposes, services and structure of the Intergroup, monthly Intergroup Representatives meeting format, agenda and procedures.

E&P has created pamphlets for the Rochester Area Intergroup such as “Rochester Area Intergroup and You”, “The Beginners Pamphlet”, “l2 Step Calls – Taking and Making”, “The Intergroup Representative (IR)” and “RAI Board of Trustees FAQs”.

The E&P committee provides outreach to AA groups for the purpose of educating and assisting groups to participating at the Intergroup level.

Grow spiritually through the act of service, and giving back to a program that has saved your life. Grow also in knowledge while researching the information necessary to produce a Workshop to help educate others.

Our primary purpose is to carry the message –
Through the efforts of individual AA members, groups,
and the services provided by the Intergroup and Central Office

Contact information for any questions:
Please attend a committee meeting to meet us all! We’d love to see you!
If you need to be in touch with the committee but cannot attend the meeting,
call or email Central Office, 585-232-6720, email

Featured Committee of the Month for April 2017


This month’s featured committee is Corrections. Please take a moment to listen to some information that the committee would like for you to know about what their purpose is, what you can do to get involved, how it helps the alcoholic who still suffers and how you can grow spiritually by being involved.

Purpose of Committee:

  • To carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous to the still suffering alcoholics who are incarcerated in correctional institutions.
  • To coordinate A.A. groups and/or members in taking A.A. meetings into correctional facilities, to encourage participation in leading correctional facility meetings, and to provide a liaison between correctional facilities & A.A. groups.

How it helps the alcoholic who still suffers:

  • Corrections work is an opportunity to carry the A.A. message to alcoholics inside the walls of correctional facilities who want to live sober, one day at a time. Service work with the corrections committee reaches alcoholics who might never otherwise find the A.A. program and who have severely limited access to meetings.
  • Corrections helps alcoholics inside the walls to have faith and to know that they are not alone.
  • The alcoholic inside the walls is introduced to Bridging the Gap, which gives them a resource to get connected with alcoholics before & after release from a facility.

 How you can grow spiritually by getting involved:

  • Corrections work embodies the spirit of the Responsibility Declaration: “When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible”
  • Corrections work gets you out of yourself, helping to open the channel between you and a Higher Power.
  • Fosters the willingness, humility, and service through commitment to the 12th step and 3rd

 How you can get involved:

  • The Corrections Committee meets at 6:30pm on the third Thursday of every month at Central Office.
  • People on the committee can get involved by taking in meetings, helping to plan committee events & raise awareness of the committee’s activities and needs, brainstorming ideas for increasing participation and improving communication between A.A. and the correctional facilities, by serving as a pen-pal to an alcoholic inmate, and more!

Contact information for any questions:

  • Please attend a committee meeting to meet us all! We’d love to see you!

If you need to be in touch with the committee but cannot attend the meeting, call or email Central Office at 585-232-6720, email raacog@frontiernet.net).

Featured Committee of the Month for March 2017


The Intergroup Archive Committee collects, preserves and displays the history of Alcoholics Anonymous in the Rochester Area.  This includes how A.A. originated, evolved and grew in Rochester.  We carry A.A’s legacy of recovery by illustrating this history and passing it on to fellow members.

We carry A.A’s message of hope by chronicling how A.A. has helped people in the Rochester community.  Archives conveys to the newcomer that A.A’s promise of recovery is a consistent and reliable source for anyone suffering from alcoholism.

Getting involved can help you grow spiritually by giving you the chance to serve A.A. through the dissemination of its fruitful history in Rochester.  Committee members also have the opportunity to interact with other alcoholics by taking our displays to group anniversaries and conventions.

The Archives Committee is always looking for new members.  We meet the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm at the Rochester Medical Museum and Archives located at 1441 East Avenue, 2nd Floor, Rochester, New York 14610.  As a group we work on recording oral histories, creating new displays, and taking our exhibits to anniversaries and conventions.

Interested individuals can contact the Rochester Area Intergroup Office at 585-232-6720.  Feel free to come to our meetings and be of service.

Featured Committee of the Month for February 2017


OUR PRIMARY PURPOSE is to support the alcoholic who faces any physical challenge while attending meetings, and receiving the message.


  • Providing access to ASL interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing at meetings, as well as home group anniversaries and special events.
  • Coordinating meetings for the homebound, hospitalized and residents of Assisted Living.
  • Providing information for those using public transportation to specific meetings.
  • Maintaining an inventory of specialized, conference-approved media for visual impairment, ESL, D/HOH, limited reading abilities.
  • Keeping up-to-date accessibility /mobility information for Rochester Area meetings.


  • A renewed sense of gratitude and humility.
  • A greater understanding of the importance and skills of team work.
  • Developing empathy and problem solving skills through knowledge and experience.
  • Rewarding interaction with others as you give back to the community.


  • Attending our monthly meetings to learn more:
    • 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30-7:30 at Central Office.
    • Meeting can be interpreted for D/HOH.
    • No prior experience necessary.
  • Working with the staff of Assisted Living facilities who want to provide meetings for residents who wish to remain connected with AA fellowship and support.
  • Joining a sub-committee of the Accessibility Committee such as the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Mobility or the Blind and Visually Impaired subcommittees.
  • Coordinating your home group to be ready to take meetings to alcoholics who are homebound or hospitalized.

YOU CAN REACH the Accessibility Committee by calling the AA Central Office at
(585) 232-6720 or sending an email to raacog@frontiernet.net
Leave your name, phone # and email, and a committee member will contact you.

We are responsible!

Treatment Committee Rochester A.A.

Meeting Time: The 3rd Sunday of the month at 1:30pm at Central Office (1000 Elmwood Avenue)

What does the Treatment committee do? The treatment committee is responsible for coordinating with individual Alcoholics Anonymous members and groups to carry our message of recovery to alcoholics who are hospitalized, committed or otherwise detained in treatment institutions by bringing them meetings and literature. We also help bridge the gap and help alcoholics get connected to A.A. when they transfer from facility to the larger A.A. Community.

How do I get in touch with the Treatment committee? You can call our Central Office at (585) 232-6720 or send us an email at Office1@rochester-ny-aa.org. Our phone line is answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You will leave your contact information with whoever answers and they will forward that information on to the committee. Contact the committee chair at treatment_committee@rochester-ny-aa.org.

What types of service work can A.A. members do at the Treatment committee? At the Treatment Committee, A.A. members can sign up for treatment meeting commitments and coordinate with their homegroups to make sure these meetings are attended and literature is distributed. There’s also opportunities to purchase and organize literature, maintain the bridging the gap list, and interface with professionals in treatment centers.

Additional Information:

Updated Assignments go here!

A.A. in Treatment Facilities

A.A. Guidelines on Treatment

Treatment Workbook

Bridging the Gap

Where do I go from here?

Rochester Area Treatment Committee Packet Rev Sept 2019