8:00 PM Fairport Men's Roundtable Durf's Restaurant 150 N Main St Fairport
8:00 PM Ontario Group Good Shepherd Church 320 S Pearl St Canandaigua
8:00 PM Eastside Men's Grace Church 805 Blossom Rd Rochester
8:00 PM Seneca Greek Orthodox Church 835 South Ave Rochester
8:00 PM There Is A Solution Immanuel Baptist Church 815 Park Ave Rochester Discussion, Open, Speaker
8:00 PM Lexington Group Lake United Methodist 4409 Lake Ave Charlotte
8:00 PM Pavilion Solid Sobriety Methodist Church 11115 E Park Pavilion
8:00 PM Here's To You, Here's To Me The Blue House 117 Main St Bloomfield
8:00 PM Poker Chip Union Presbyterian Church 1 Browns Ave Scottsville
8:00 PM Opportunity VA Hospital-Room 208/2nd Flr 222 Richmond Ave Batavia
8:30 PM Courage to Change United Methodist Church 2 S Main St Oakfield