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Treatment Facility Assignments

This list is available as a courtesy to ensure that the responsible groups are as informed as possible so that the designated meetings are covered.
NOTE:These meeting are NOT open and attendance is limited to the responsible group/members that signed up to cover that particular facility/meeting.

Download the full Treatment Assignments 2018 calendar here

May Jun
Norris Thursday
12:30PM (Co-Ed)
Dewey Avis Grass Roots
Barrington House
Women Sunday 6:30PM
Everyday Living Winners
Park Ridge Chemical Dependency Monday 7 PM  -WOMEN- Step Sisters Heard It Thru the Grapevine
Norris Clinic Tuesday 6PM Women Spencerport Monday Dewey Avis
Bethany House (Women) Ist Tuesday of month @ 7 PM Women’s Homegroup FHA
Liberty Manor (Women)
Saturday @ 6 PM
Sober ER Sober Women
Park Ridge Women’s Residence 2nd and 4th
Saturday 7 PM (CALL)
Grassroots Seven Eleven
Park Ridge Chemical Dependency Satuday 7 PM  -WOMEN- Winners Women’s Homegroup
Park Ridge Chemical Dependency Monday 7 PM  -MEN- FHA Nightengale
Francis Center -MEN
Saturday 8 PM
Young and Reckless Fairport Roundtable
Freedom House – MEN-

Saturday 7PM

Eastside Men’s Spencerport Monday
Park Ridge Chemical Dependency Saturday 7 PM  -MEN- Nightengales Webster Wednesday
Probation Diversion Sunday 2:30PM (COED) Love and Service Big Medicine
Norris Clinic
Sunday 830 PM (COED)
Highnooners Sober
Norris Clinic
Monday 8 PM (COED)
Corn Hill Love and Service
Park Ridge Outpatient
Alt 1st Tues/Thurs 6:30PM (CALL) (COED)
5/1/2018 Struck Gold 6/7/2018 Into the Light
Norris Clinic
Tuesday 8 PM (COED)
Heard It Thru the Grapevine Young and Reckless
Syracuse Behavioural Health Wednesday 7 PM (COED) Northeast Freedom Easy Does It Sunday
Forensics / RPC Criminal
Saturday 9:30AM (CALL) (COED)
Peace / Seneca East Side Mens
Rochester Psych Center (CIVIL) (COED)
Saturday 10:30AM
Call Day Before
Big Medicine Poker Chip
Forensics / RPC Criminal
Saturday 11AM (CALL) (COED)
Easy Does It Sunday
Salvation Army
Saturday 7 PM (COED)
Highland Struck Gold
Syracuse Behavioural Health Saturday 7 PM (COED) New Door Lighthouse
Norris Clinic
Saturday 8 PM (COED)
Brunch Bunch Peace / Seneca